Forrest ’65 and Valerie ’65 Chilton

Forrest ’65 and Valerie ’65 ChiltonGiving to Bucknell is extremely important to us. Our fabulous years at the University prepared us for our successful transition to a productive, flourishing, favorable adulthood. Bucknell made us what we are! For that, we acknowledge our extraordinary gratitude by giving what we can.

Funding a deferred gift annuity allows us to support Bucknell within our means. It makes a valuable contribution to the University with tax benefits for us. As we age, the annuity provides us income in our later years.

We are among a group of 31 relatives attending Bucknell over four generations. Our family endowed a named scholarship to honor Sidney Grabowski, the first of us to attend and a member of the Class of 1915. This award provides financial support for students from Pennsylvania, Sidney’s home state. Our family members contribute to the scholarship endowment because we love Bucknell. We want the University to remain as it was for all of us: a wonderful, happy experience that helps students mature by making them aware of their own talents and giving them superb opportunities for intellectual development. ‘ray Bucknell!

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