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Why give?

Support our mission

Bucknell is always looking to the future to ensure that it will be able to offer the top liberal arts, engineering and management programs to its students.

How your gift helps

From the structural framework of Carnegie Hall to the intellectual framework of the new Freeman College of Management, planned gifts to Bucknell have been integral in supporting a wide-range of areas.

Benefits of giving

A gift through your long term plans can provide you substantial tax benefits, such as savings in income taxes, capital gains taxes, probate expenses and estate taxes.

Meet the Ellen Clarke Bertrand Society

Bucknell University is honored to recognize the more-than-700-member strong Bertrand Society. The society was named after Ellen Clarke Bertrand to honor her bequest that created an endowment which supports the library to this day.

University Advancement


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8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.