By way of Bucknell

Bucknell is always looking to the future to ensure that it will be able to offer the top liberal arts, engineering and management programs to its students.

Shaping students to become leaders in their professional careers is one of the ways Bucknell continues to strive for better. President John Bravman cautioned Bucknell’s students that if we are to be afraid of failure, then we risk sliding into mediocrity. Bucknell has never stood for stagnant mediocrity; it’s an institution that grows with each challenge and develops with each individual who joins the Bucknell community.

In our classrooms and across our living-learning campus, deeply engaged faculty challenge students to push themselves intellectually, grow personally and live their passions. And in turn, Bucknell students challenge their professors and their peers to think big and to do bigger.

Through the experiences we offer, students here make lifelong connections and build a strong network — one that stands ready to help Bucknellians as they forge their own meaningful path to a lifetime of personal and professional success. By making a gift of such foresight, you can help contribute to Bucknell’s continued growth towards improvement and that its future students have the best opportunities the collegiate community has to offer. 


University Advancement


301 Market St.
Suite 2


8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.