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Inspiring stories

Thank you to our members of the Ellen Clarke Bertrand Society. We invite you to read the stories below to learn why fellow Bucknellians have chosen to support Bucknell's mission with a legacy gift. See a listing of all Bertrand Society members here, and consider adding your name to the list today!

Joey Martin ’12

I am incredibly thankful for my time at Bucknell. My four years as a student were a truly transformative experience for me. Bucknell offers a world-class undergraduate academic experience.

Ed Hauck ’75 and Stefanie Valar

A generous financial aid package made it possible for Ed Hauck ’75 to attend Bucknell and become the first member of his family to earn a college degree.

Forrest ’65 and Valerie ’65 Chilton

Giving to Bucknell is extremely important to us. Our fabulous years at the University prepared us for our successful transition to a productive, flourishing, favorable adulthood. Bucknell made us what we are!

Sheldon ’69 and Diane Hirschberg P’04

Bucknell has been a very important part of our lives. From the first-rate education that has opened many doors for me to the lifelong friends met at Bucknell both as a student and as parents of Brian '04, our lives are more rewarding because of our continuing relationship with this wonderful University.

Larry Klock ’69

Being at Bucknell from age 18 to 22 was truly a defining time for me and, I surmise, for most alums.

Laurel Ziegler ’99

I am so grateful for my involvement in the Bucknell community, both as a student and as an alumna.

Carol ’81 and Steve Rosner P’16

My husband, Steve, and I share a strong belief in the importance of education, at every level, and Bucknell has always been high on our volunteer and philanthropic lists.

Connie ’66 and Dick ’65 Layman

Dick and I have always given to Bucknell's Annual Fund, but recently we were inspired to give at a more substantial level.

Jim Carll ’71

It is important to give back to those people and institutions that have been instrumental in our development and success. I've found there is no better way to accomplish this than with planned giving.

Kathy Vizas ’79

To become a truly national, even international, institution of higher learning, Bucknell must embrace diversity in all forms – racial, religious, economic, ethnic, lifestyle and more.

Elaine Watkins ’80

"Bucknell provides a unique and powerful environment for students to take risks, to explore, to change themselves and the world..."

Jodie Faier ’70

"My Bucknell education was fabulous, both in and out of the classroom. I learned to be a leader not just in my profession, but also in my life..."

Herb Wilcox ’50

Herb chose to honor his late wife, Janice Cupp Wilcox '51, by funding a charitable gift annuity at Bucknell – where they met and fell in love.

Barbara Lancaster ’80

"I live the way I want to, and that's what matters. My bequest will help Bucknell give students the kind of learning experience that enables them to do the same."

Ellen Peterson Williams ’19

The bequest of Ellen Peterson Williams '19 endowed two music professorships and a related research fund, plus two merit scholarships.

Roger ’59 & Carolyn Conners

Roger and Carolyn, longtime supporters of the Bison Club, made a special gift in honor of his 50th Reunion.

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